Why We Use Drupal

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a Content Managment Framework that was started in 2000 by one person. Now Drupal powers millions of websites across the world and has grown to 1,800+ contributors. That's a lot of talented people working towards one goal.


DRUPAL IS FREE. It's two kinds of free. Free like free speech and free as in no cost.

Twentypixel is proud to be a Drupal shop. We understand Drupal isn't the only solution but we have found that it's a great starting point for building sites that work. The basic building blocks are the same every time a we build a site, so using Drupal can reduce time and errors right out of the box. Drupal lets us get to the fun part, making your website awesome!

Large corporations, government agencies, schools and small businesses are using this powerful system to get noticed. YOU CAN TOO.