The short answer: Because we're professionals.

We want to make sure that everything you need right away can be accomplished for the amount you've set aside. We also need to determine if your expectations match your budget, so you can be confident and comfortable with the products and services you will be receiving.

There are many ways to build a website. There are aspects of every site that can be modified in order to save money. With budgetary constraints, it is important to identify the “Nice to Haves" and the “Need to Haves" at the very beginning.

Knowing your budget allows us to serve you as best we can. We have several options to meet the project and budgetary needs of our clients. To name a few, we can complete the project in phases, modify the scope of the project or discuss flexible payment plans. We want to determine up-front which options are most appropriate for your situation, so once we have agreed on terms we can direct all our focus to your website.

We want to help, and knowing your goals as well as your budget is the best way for us to get started making your website the best it can be.